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My Noritz Tankless water heaters are not efficient when used only in the kitchen where the hot water is needed intermittantly during the whole time one is cooking and cleaning up. Even when washing a sink full of dishes. After you wash a couple of items and want to rinse you either have to keep the water flowing almost full force or wait for the unit to turn again and heat the water. All the while wasting water. We have a unit just for the kitchen and we waste all sorts of water either leaving it running or waiting for it to heat.

The second heater is for the bathrooms and it works just fine for the showers and tubs. But, when you are shaving the hot water has to stay on constantly or you turn it on full force for at least 8 to 10 seconds to keep the water hot while shaving(unless you like shaving with luke warm to cold water toward the end of your shave by just turning on the water enough to wash your razor).

I've had the heaters for about 5 months and our water bill is higher just for the two of us and we're using the same water company(the rates haven't changed).

I would consider the heat pump water heaters if I could go back in time.

All the hipe about "continuous and instant" hot water needs to be thoughly analyzed by the customer before deciding if a tankless heater will actually save any money.

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As a society we expect things to happen yesterday.With that in mind and instant or tankless water heater is a misnomer.

The word instant is about how the water is heated not that it can produce hot water at the tap the min you turn it on. You would need a recirculating pump to provide you with that regardless if it is tankless or tank. If your water consumption is up maybe you should learn more on how to work with your unit. You will clear the lines of water between each use on any type of water heater.

Tankless water heaters can have a variable flame function that could be set higher than you are used to. What that means is that if you have the tap opened at a low flow then the water heater is not told to heat.

You should talk with your installer (plumber) to get better performance from either different setting or more education.

I am a professional that inspects plumbers work and have a 24yr old tankless.

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I put a Noritz tankless heater on my home 12 years ago and my gas bill went down by 45%.I have not had one problem and when or if this heater fails I will put another one in with out question.

Best investment I have made to my home.

I hear that if they are not installed correctly they may not work right.Joe


I checked out tankless heaters. Found out that it would be a 22 year payback on costs with no repairs to tankless units. Therefore I stayed with my old hot water heater.


I checked out tankless heaters and found out in my circustance they would have to work for 22 years to get a break even on them. Therfore I decided to stick with my regualr hot water heater.

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